Sanctuary Of Surrealism – How to Brew Surrealitea

Submerge your senses into the domain of the marvellous at the melting edge of waking and dreamworlds by sipping Surrealitea. Brew to share.


1. Peruse subcurrents of your consciousness for finest ingredients in your sleep.

If it helps write them down after each night’s dreamings into a journal.

If it excites your spirits, probably it is a ripe dream. You can lick, stew, brew, playdough squeesh it until desired consistency achieved. Add colourings like a five-year-old.

Add heart glitter, bring some of the most rumbunctious imagery to the boil.

2. Find the marvellous in the mundane, in the god of small things. Give poetic attention to the world. Imbibe unusual sensory routes, be with beings of all kinds, attuned to the kaleidoscopic possibilities of the otherwise.  What would it taste like to befriend a tree, follow ants on their adventures, dance with cosmos?

3. Give attention to dreams of beings in your communiTeas. What would a dreamier brew taste like?

You are preparing concoction of your existence right if you think that: ‘this would be a sensational dream should I wake up!’. 

Sprinkle with the right to be lazy  to organise a worldwide strike or an orgy. 

Take sips of the sublime daily.

Other Tips

Instead of using a timer, measure time in farts. While at it, grow roses in the cracks of abstract notion of imperial time by sharing Surrealitea with friends every full moon.

For optimal effect, overthrow capitalism, colonialism and imperialism.