Standup Comedy and MC

standup comedy nonsense phil goodThe face of National Institute of Dramatic Art comedy, Mr Levant is a star with a Multiple Personality Order who has caused a ruckus and uncontrollable fits of laughter at Falls Festival, Regrowth Festival, Manly Boatshed, Sly Fox, Newtown Hotel and Comedy Store.

An Evening (or any time for that matter) with Mr Levant promises to be anything but ordinary.

Expect a magical mix of a truly unique brand of comedy surreal character comedy, music and dance that liberates minds and manners

Adult Charades

Like charades, but way sexier and wackier. Hosted by a crew of experienced idiots who help you turn creative dial to maximum in order to portray things like “Hypnotist who uses their butt to hypnotise people”, “Panda faking pregnancy to get more food at Chinese zoo” or a “Giraffe Being Born”.